Worms are crawling all over me…


   When my little brother was actually little and not taller than me, he loved earth worms. He would find them in the back yard and then take off his shirt and let them wiggle all over his body…

   Or did he?

I am convinced this happened. Yet, when I relayed the story to my mom years later she wondered what I was talking about. So I asked my sister and my dad and they did not have any recollection of Jake’s love for earthworms (plus Audrey thought I was gross for evening mentioning it). Finally I asked Jake, who of course told me I was insane! And maybe I am, because I have a vivid memory of toddler Jacob with worms!

   Meg and I have been watching Fringe, a Fox show, online. Of course rather than normal commercial breaks, online shows stop every few minutes and show one ad. Typically from same advertiser again and again (Which I would think Lie to Meworks against the advertiser, because after the tenth time I see the commercial I hate the product.). One ad in particular drove me nuts. It advertized a show titled Lie to Me, about a man who could tell if someone was lying. It would have been another silly show, but the streaming internet would nearly lock up. The one minute ad took four or five minutes (plus the audio would go faster than the video-we would hear a man teaching, but the lecture hall wouldn’t appear for another minute!). Of course seeing it in slow-mo did lock the show in my head…

   There is a problem with the premise of the show. I have a distinct memory of Jacob and worms. Maybe it is a dream. Yet I am convinced it is true. I am not really lying, but what I am saying is false.    

   This is the dilemma we face in discerning the truth of God. There are a lot of people who believe wholeheartedly in ideas that are really only dreams. These people are everywhere, from Oprah to the church pew. They share convincing stories-tales we want to believe-but, they are wrong! Yet we can not tell they are wrong just by listening to their story. The only way to know is to ask the source of truth. As Greg’s sermon series declares, “Come and See”. The invitation of Jesus is not a invitation to find the facts of others; instead, it is a call to walk alongside and to learn the truth of God-from GOD HIMSELF!

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