“I have nothing to say of my working life, only that a tie is a noose, and inverted though it is, it will hang a man nonetheless if he’s not careful.”  – Life of Pi **

  And you wondered why I do not wear ties, they are dangerous…  When I was little, 6ish, the discussion of marriage arose. Of course at that age the concept of marriage was insane. I could not even understand why a boy would like a girl, much less want to spend a lifetime with her. I mean my mom was handy. She baked cookies and did my laundry, but what more could anyone need (really I could have gone without the laundry!). Of course people always told me that my opinion would change as I got older and with the evidence of so many married relatives I realized they were right. I pondered that something must happen to our minds and I set all my mental powers to avoiding such a change in myself…

  Of course in reality no will power could change biology. And so we grow up. Not only do boys start liking girls, but our whole reality changes. As Paul writes, we move beyond childish things. But when it comes to the  spiritual life growing up is not a part of nature. In fact it is the opposite. While we all experience physical growth, even against our will; we must choose to grow spiritually deep…

  Of course every choice requires something to be sacrificed. We can not pursue all of the goals of the world: popularity, fame, riches, power… and still expect to find Christ. If we do we will find our goal has become a noose. Our unity with Christ a mirage. Only in full pursuit of Christ will we find our goal and claim the prize.

** Splendid little book, but certainly not for students and really not for the faint of heart (startling scenes). It is not a Life of PiChristian book, but does an good job of tackling belief in God. Of course you must make it to the end (I loved the beginning, then the book began to drag and move towards nosensical – but everything is made worthwhile in the final chapter). It ably captures the question “Is there a God?” (the delimma between athiesm and thiesm, though remember it is not a Christian book). The picture is linked to if you would like to buy it. Right now Andy has my copy, but when he is done anyone can borrow…

One thought on “Hung…

  1. Having read it previously, it is the type of book that once you have finished, you want to re-read because you realize there is much more to it that you may have missed the first time around. Many of my 16-17 year-olds at school have read, and are ready to engage in the struggle of ideas.

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