Spaghetti Dinner…

Greg let me write the Interpreter article this week as a way to advertise for the Spaghetti Dinner. If you have not bought a ticket please contact Elizabeth (731-5355). Cost is $10 for adults and $6 for children ($32 family max).

spaghetti dinner

Today, as a missionary in Mexico, my little brother will eat anything, but as a child Jacob was a terrible eater. We seemed to have a baked potato with every meal, because Jacob would willingly eat them (many other foods were consumed unwillingly).

   Even when we would go out food could be a struggle. One night he ordered spaghetti. This was a meal Jacob tolerated and he ate nearly the whole heaping plate. But things began to churn in his stomach and soon he was looking green. Then, while I continued to chew, up came the spaghetti right back onto the plate!

   One would expect that spaghetti would be added to the list of hated foods, but instead Jacob would declare his love for the sauce and noodles!

   Things do not always turn out as we expect. Take the coming Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction. One would think the tickets would have quickly sold out. Not only does it benefit the youth, but a piece of artwork created by our very own pastor is up for bid. Much like Monet, who would not want to have a chance to see, even own, an original DeLoach?

   You probably also did not expect this story to advertise the Spaghetti Dinner. But the appeal of the dinner is not in food, talents, or auctions. Instead the draw is that your gift will open the door for the mission of God. That students may become His missionaries. In this simple act occurs the unexpected-you have become a participant in the mission to save the world God so loves!

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