Plunge ~ Commitment

Becoming the Committed...

John 6:66-69

The students during the DEEPend bible study were a little chaotic a few weeks ago. Of course you might say they are just being kids… but in reality they are more. We are all more. Not because of some gift or talent, but because we are called. In this calling there must be a response… So as Bible study wrapped up I told the students, look if you do not want to take this seriously don’t come. They laughed at me…

Looking at my High School sport days it is a little crazy. I can remember running sprints up a hill until I puked and then, after sitting for a second, getting up to continue. In the summer we had three a days and I never missed. Our practices after school lasted hours, but I never even considered skipping. This was cost of playing…

In John 6 Jesus feeds the 5000 and the crowd loves him, then he explains what he is all about. At this the crowd begins to grumble and soon many are leaving. What does Jesus do?

Consider if you have a pile of salt (Francis Chan used this illustration at YS). It is a small pile, but flaverful. Next to it is another pile – a large pile, but this salt has no taste. Why would someone want to keep the large pile of salt? … In the church we have misconstrued truth. We think our goal is to grow bigger and bigger – more is better.

“You are the Salt of the world. But if the salt loses it saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled by men.” ~ Matthew 5:13

The church is not about numbers, but commitment. Understand Jesus is on the move and He is inviting you. He would love to have you come. But He is not stopping for you to dilly-dally… someone may shout legalism, or talk about grace… but with all the people grumbling, John 7:1 “After this Jesus went around in Galilee…” He left. He did not beg or try to convince. They made their decision…

Catch this, if you are not committed to Christ He is not hanging around waiting on you. He is on mission. And without Him you have lost your saltiness…

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