spaghetti dinner

Saturday ~ Students: 4:30-9:30, white dress shirt with dark pants or skirt, eat before you come! If you do not already have your tickets, they are sold at the door!spring forward

Sunday ~ Change your clocks for Daylight Savings Time. Also, remember Sunday School starts at 9:30. You need to be on time becuase we will be touring the classes you are teaching next week!

This Sunday also kicks off Youth Week. Below you can read an article from Merry Ellen, my replacment for week. She is also going to lead this Wednesday’s Plunge! Check out the schedule for the week under Big Events!


Merry Ellen

A lot of times, God will ask us to do things that don’t make any sense. It is hard to apologize to a friend or sibling when you wrong them, but in the end, the restoration of that friendship is well worth the discomfort you will experience when you say the words “I’m sorry”. Or what if you were supposed to stand up for Jesus in front of people that don’t like Him? In a sense, we as Christians are called to do this every day. We know that we are supposed to live our lives as role models to everyone around us by setting a Christ-like example. It’s not always easy to make the right choices, especially at school where the pressure to “fit into the crowd” can be intense at times, especially when the actions of the “crowd” are not actions that portray Christ in us. A favorite verse of mine is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” because it helps me to remember that if I am doing things that please God, He will continue to give me the courage I need to accomplish a difficult task. Remember this the next time you have to do something hard.

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