Help Her Daddy…


“The sights, the sounds, the lights, the clowns, the monkeys on trapeze” (From Ivy’s circus book)… of course our circus had neither monkeys nor trapeze artists-much less the famed bearded lady. Instead we were greeted by the official PETA brigade protesting animal treatment. Really they should have been protesting the cost of snow-cones inside. Flavored ICE chips were 9 dollars, though it did come in permanent cup… a scary clown cup! Thankfully Mimi was buying, hence Ivy got the whirly light toy for 18, which came with a two year warranty. The man even gave us a certificate… can you imagine catching the Ringling Brother’s train to announce, “My whirly light stopped whirling!” “Ah yes, the lion tamer is in charge of all warranty issues…”

Oh Lights

   Of course, while I ramble and complain, Ivy had an amazing time. Literally we left with her screaming, “I want to goback to the circus.” All the way to the car she cried. She loved every moment and if it got boring (some guy rode a tiny bicycle a lot), she spun her whirling light. She was bursting with excitement as the elephants came out. She worried about the man on top of the spinning wheel, “BE CAREFUL!” When the lady tamed the tigers, she called out, “Help her daddy!” As though I could do anything… I wound be eaten alive!

  As we grow older we get practical… I suppose we must, but at the circus I was not even alive in the moment. I was missing the joy I could be having. I knew I could not tame tigers, but in Ivy’s eyes all things were possible… and her daddy could save that lady.

   Relish this week. Do not get bogged in the negative. Live in joy. Believe that your Father can do anything-no matter how ridiculous!

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