Making the cut…

My tithes...In high school the soccer team would post the names of those who made the team. It was tacked up to a locked door on Saturday morning. This meant we had to make a special trip up to the school to see where I landed. I can remember searching that list for my name…

   In the church there is not a list to let us know who is in and who is out. Or one to let us who is Varsity, JV, or who is on the C-team. I guess this is so we can all feel good about our faith (since Jesus’ goal is to give us “good feelings”… and probably hugs…and presents… He is like Santa…).

   But every quarter in the mail arrives my giving statement. Never is the reality of my faithfulness so black and white. Right before my eyes I can see anytime I skipped, I can see the percentage I was willing to give. I can see if my faith is three percent every other month, or tenth percent consistently given…

To the parents: I have never not tithed. I guess this may be surprising, but it was something my parents required. And I never stopped. Mr. Keith related a story, as a child, he was given five dollars for allowance every month. On the way to church one Sunday his dad asked if the boys had their tithe envelope. Keith’s brother did, but Keith announced that he had something he wanted to buy. Their father remained silent. When it came time for allowance again, Keith held out his hand, but received nothing. His dad looked at him and said, “I have something I want to buy.” Then his dad said, “If you are not willing to give God His share, then I will not give you your share.” That was the only time Keith did not tithe.

   Parents I can not over emphasize the value of your example. Your children will follow your lead. If you are not willing to commit to tithing they will not either. Do not hesitate to invite your child to see how you tithe. Even more, follow the story of Mr. Keith and make your child tithe. “Hey that is MY money!” they will shout. We must teach the true reality of our world. In this way their legacy will not be a blank sheet, but one consistently marked for Christ.

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