A Goof and the Pond

My Pond (and Ivy)

Standing in the parking lot at Lowes I pulled out Ivy’s car seat and laid down the back sits. Then I proceeded to grab our newly purchased fish pond…

Let me stop here and say we would not even have a pond, except there was one in the backyard when we bought the house. No, it was not filled with water, instead it was turned upside down and laying on the grass. So I dug a hole and placed it into the ground. It lasted long enough to drown a lizard and then began to leak. My fixes only lasted a short while. Then last week Meg and Ivy found a snake in the back yard. They hurried inside and sent me out. Well the snake had taken up residence under our dry pond-it was in between fixes. Of course I tried to wait for it to come out, which it would but only long enough to make me look silly leaping after it. So I grabbed the empty pond and pulled it right out of the ground. Which I am sure looked impressive, but empty, it only weighed a few pounds. Plus the sandy dirt did not even try to hold it in the ground. And there at the bottom I would like to tell you was a five foot rattler. Of course if that was case I would have ran back in with Meg and Ivy. Instead there was a little two foot garter snake, which I promptly killed. Yes I know this make me a bad environmentalist, but I wanted Meg happy.

 … Anyhow, at this point, I decided it was time to buy a new pond. So there I was a Lowes, trying to stuff a plastic pond into the Maxx. Of course, as you can see from the picture, the pond had no chance of fitting into my car. So I had to go back into Lowes and tell customer service how I just bought this pond, but could I come back in the morning with a truck? … (Thankfully Alex was willing to come the next morning.)

   Why this story? On Wednesday night I spoke about how we all have access to the throne of God. I do not have special ability to meet Jesus. I can not hear Him any clearer than you and neither can any minister. In the eyes of Jesus we are all HIS brothers and sisters. Anyone who seeks will find and that is the essence of our faith. Not rules, not head knowledge, not even good deeds. Instead, Christianity is seeking after God (or as Jesus would say, “follow me”). That is the one thing I want you to remember, because that is the ONE THING required of us! (Matt 6:33)

   Why this story? Just to remind you that I am a goof. Prone to total silliness and yet God answers my call. He will answer yours as well. So seek him!

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One thought on “A Goof and the Pond

  1. Great posting. We are all imperfect humans! The most amazing thing is that God has called us to be His even though we are so unworthy. Thanks for showing our kids that you too are not perfect. By the way, I have some great water iris and other water plants if you are interested.

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