Called to Relationship

Thank You!

   We had a TON of fun at the diaper shower during Plunge. Really I was startled that Jay did not hurl after drinking the baby bottle filled with jalapeño and pickle juice—he is more of a man than I am! (Which ends one of the great debates of this new century…)

   Megan and I want to thank everyone for all the diapers (over a 1000) and wipes (over 1500).  They are something little Phoebe will be able to use again and again and again and again… Seriously these are the best gifts and we are grateful for your love and friendship!



Elite Cake Creations in Florida offers not only wedding cakes, but also divorce cakes. I am not sure if they come as a package deal, but it is hard to imagine choosing a bakery that has wedding cakes in one corner and divorce cakes in the other. I suppose I am silly, but it seems like a set up… I mean, do they tell couples, “hope you come back again soon” …

Without intending to we often make our relationship with Christ like an on again/off again relationship. We dive in for the big event, only to forget Him during the drone of normal life. Though with Christ we don’t cash in our Elite two for one special and order a divorce cake. Instead we simply go out and worship something or someone else.

Mark 4:26-29

My father-in-law is often the giver of crazy truths, like the famed Roaches eat toenails story, but he can also be very practical. Over the years I have planted many trees and bushes and with my first one he told me, “buy a cheap tree and dig an expensive hole”. It at first seemed strange, but it has proven to be great advice. I buy tiny little bushes and trees but dig deep wide holes. And I fill the holes with dirt and fertilizer and compost. More often than not the the filling is more expensive than the plant. Yet in this soil the little plants grow and blossom.

In the same way our life is not about who we are. It is not about our talents or faults. Instead it is about where we will plant ourselves. A relationship that lasts is not built on big events, but on communication and service. Similarly, our relationship with Christ is about so many small events, daily reading the bible and praying. It will seem as if we have done nothing, but planted in the fertile soil we are just like the farmer who awoke one morning and found the harvest was ready. In our lives the daily seeking will result in a harvest of holiness and righteousness. It will bear the fruit of deeds that will last. A relationship that does not fail but moves beyond even death into enternity!

  divorce-cake2     divorce-cake1


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