Only the Father knows the day and hour…

Only the Shadow Knows...




Doctor Williams has predicted that Phoebe will be born on May 18. Of course Ivy came a day late (though barely, arriving at 12:15 in the morning!), but the question is, with just a few weeks to go (maybe!), when will baby Phoebe arrive???

 Here is the challenge: Guess when baby Phoebe will arrive by leaving a comment below (the day, hour, and minute). You must leave your name and you only get ONE guess. You must enter your guess before we leave for the hospital! Whoever is closest will win a major award: the chance to be the first student to hold our new little girl!!! **

 **of course I will pressure wash you with germ-x and make you sign a form stating you have not had pork in the last twelve months…

 Baby Phoebe

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