The Game

The Game

Grocery shopping is a task that thankfully Megan enjoys. She will clip coupons and make her list before every trip. But this past year she has taken it to another level and joined the grocery game. The game combines coupons and sales to let you know what items to buy when. Somehow the game knows if now is the time to use a coupon or if you should wait a week for a better sale. For $10 a quarter she is able to print the weekly Grocery Game list of the deals at Kroger. The lists outline deals (in black), good deals (in blue), and free items (in green). To play the game you do not buy anything that is not on the list and only buy the black deals if you have too. Victory is in the blue and green items! (Click on the pic to learn more!)

  Of course what I love are the green free items. A sale and a coupon (which are doubled between Tuesday and Saturday) combine to give us four rolls of TP for free (or floss, or rice, or…).

   But just because an item is green does not mean you can head into Kroger, bypass the register, and walk out with any four rolls of TP. You must clip the coupons, go between Tuesday and Saturday, find the right items, and you must stand in line and present the coupons. Then it will ring up $0.00 and you will have won the grocery game.

  Of course toilet paper is not that impressive (Though I have sat in a store’s restroom looking at empty card board rolls … At that moment TP was pretty important!). And really it is not free. You have to go through multiple steps to “shop smarter”…

 It is the same with the free love of Christ.  You can not just walk down the aisle and take it…

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