Camp 09 – Day 1(ish)

We have arrived in Berry and the campus is great. Even more importantly no one is sick (not even homesick!). Last night we had a scavenger hunt to help everyone learn the campus and David Keel brought kick-off message. Tonight we jump into high gear as Mike Dixon will deliver his first message…

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Sealed Order

JordanTonights sealed order, the bible study the student read befor worship, was written by Jordan Hinson. So Check it out…

How much does God love us?

Ponder on that.

How much does God love us?

I have a hard time quantifying God’s love for me. As an engineering student I always deal with units, but I know of no standard unit for love. My Grandmother always tells me she loves me a million bushels, but I’m pretty sure love comes in many forms other than volume. For fun just imagine if it did come in bushels, and picture laid out in a huge field, all these bushel baskets full of God’s love for us. How many square miles can you even fathom would be full of bushel baskets of love? I can’t imagine that. The point is, no engineer or physicist, or grandmother can wrap their minds around God’s huge love for us.

The bible is packed full of scripture that tells us God loves us in a big way. For starters he made us. He knows all about us. Psalm 139 tells us how God knows all about us. If you are hungry for it, read the first 18 verses of Psalm 139, and if you aren’t feeling like an overachiever today just read on, although I think you might enjoy the passage.

What do you think God’s attitude was toward you when he knit you together in your mother’s womb?

God loves when we spend time with Him. He loves us despite all the messes we have made, all the hurt we have caused, and despite our disobedience. When we run in the direction completely opposite of God’s way he keeps on loving us. Flip in your Bible to Luke chapter 15. Don’t be a slacker. Open up your Bible now. There are three stories contained in this chapter. Take a few minutes to read the stories.

What do the three stories have in common?

What do you think the stories tell us about God?(referring to his character, and who He is)

The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin, and The Prodigal Son all show how God values the Lost. I love how every time the lost thing or item was found they called in all their friends and had a party to celebrate! It makes me want to throw a big party for a new believer right after they submit their life to Christ. Also this passage has a real party pooper; the brother of the prodigal son had his knickers in a twist. Like many unhappy Christians instead of joining in the celebration, the brother got all angry because he thought he wasn’t getting his fair share of the Father’s love, when in fact, he had all of his father’s love all along. If the Church would embrace the lost outsiders with the love of Christ I think we could have a lot more reasons for rejoicing when the lost are found. God’s love is unquantifiable and we should remember that God has more than enough love to go around to all of us.

Spend some time talking to your Heavenly Daddy. He wants to hear from his loved children.

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