Camp 09 – Day 2

Tues... CHOP

Ok I have not taken very many pics today, but I will have a slide show tomorrow… The camp speaker, Mike Dixon, brought a great message last night. He was funny and powerful. Please continue to pray that God will move in the hearts of our students. I think things are coming together this year and my hope is God will come down in powerful grace!


Here is the sealed order for tonight. I wrote this one…

Beware of Madmen...

Acts 2:42-47

Activity: Obviously this sign is a prank, but it is clever. Imagine if this was a real sign, what would it mean?…

“Therefore I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is true worship.” ~ Romans 12:1

The days of sacrifices are over. We no longer bring goats or sheep or doves up to the temple hatchet men (or priests). But when Christ stepped onto the planet a major part of worship was sacrifice. A house of worship was more like a meat market, where live animals went in to be roasted, and the meat was sold on the other side (hence Christians are having discussions about what to do with meat sacrifice to idols—1 Corinthians 8—temples were like Outback Steak Houses!). Today we have cut out the chopping blocks and grills. Instead we pass the plates… funny that they are called plates…

   But tithing is not our only act of sacrifice. Christ has not come solely for our money. Instead He desires all of us. He desires that we should sacrifice our own lives. Not literally, as though we would commit suicide, but figuratively. He is calling us to sacrifice our wills and desires. So that we no longer live selfishly, but live the life He has designed.

   The early church strove to live out the life of Christ and in this passage from Acts we find a vision for the church. A description of what it means to become a living sacrifice…

This passage is the Ax Challenge. If you make the effort to memorize the verses you will earn a trip to a modern day temple steak house…


¤ As Christians we are like signs representing Christ. Sometime positive signs (Rest Stop Ahead) and sometimes negative (Do Not Enter). Think about your own life; how does it portray Christ? What road sign would compare? …

¤ Why do we not offer animal sacrifices today?… (Hebrews 10:11-14)

¤ How does our church—or even our youth group—compare to the church of Acts? What could or should we change? …

One thought on “Camp 09 – Day 2

  1. Thought provoking to think what road sign would portray my life !! looks and sounds like camp is going very good……i have been and will continue to pray for things there, thank you for so diligently keeping us so creatively informed on the camp experience I love the slide show!!!! Also meaningful to be able to do bible studies along with you !!! K

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