Transformer... more than meets the eye

I am not a master carpenter or master electrician or really a master of anything, so when my door bell began to shut off as the temperature rose I had no idea what was causing the problem. First I changed out the buttons next to the door and then I changed out the bell, but to no avail. Every time the temperature rose above ninety degrees the buttons would stop glowing and the bell would be useless.

  Of course people could still knock and I decided that would be our house’s destiny. That is until I asked an actual master, Dean Moore. He quickly said, it must be your transformer and he bet it was somewhere in the attic. Well after a few minutes of repair (with a longer search to find the silly thing) the door bell works perfectly!

  The transformer coverts the 120 volt power in our house down to a door bell friendly 10 volts. Without the conversion our door bells can not operate. It did not matter that I had brand new bell and brand new buttons. Certainly they looked nice, but they did not have any power!

  In the same way our church is not declaring the message of God with our buildings. Our beautiful steeple is not empowered by Christ. And the new construction is not building the kingdom of God. Instead our church is built of people empowered by the Spirit of God. If we live in that power our church will ring out the call of grace, the call of the gospel. And we will find that society is at our door, waiting to be invited inside!

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