IMPORTANT: The location for Saturday’s After Party has been moved to Evans High School Pavilion (from Windmill Plantation). It will still be at 6pm. I hope to see everyone there!!!

Bagel vs Donut

  In the great bagel vs donut debate the bigger question may be if our youth group is contributing obesity epidemic in the country? Right now we get donuts on the first Sunday and beyond that we use donuts or bagels as incentive to bring your bibles…

  Of course the bibles for donuts program brings up a whole other set of issues, mainly is bribery part of the gospel? … 

  On the bribery note, I am writing this way ahead of time because I will not have internet in CO where I was a camp speaker. So I am not sure what the prize will be for memorizing the scripture verses, BUT it will be much bigger than doughts (though not any fatter) and I am sure it will be wonderful. I plan to announce the award this morning…

  So on the question of bribery and the gospel… well…

(Sorry this posted late, I without internet at Gateway’s camp in CO)

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