Plunge Recap ~ On Mission: Unnatural

plunge 08.19

Ezekiel 43:1-9  ~  Ezekiel 47:1-12

After my recent children’s sermon involving pretend “sporin” (Ivy’s word for Neosporin – you can read my newsletter here – same story, but differnt application from the children’s sermon), I was told by numerous people how terrible peroxide is for cuts. Of course I knew peroxide kills both the bad and the good, but I assured everyone that I only use it once to effectively clean the wound. But few were satisfied and in their eyes I was causing Ivy great harm**. So I asked a doctor, Newton Bates, his thoughts. And he reported the problem was not in the reality that perxide kills good and bad, antibacterial soap will does that. The problem is that peroxide dries out the cut.

Of course I could not understand the issue. Drying out is what our bodies do to heal themselves, hence a scab. he agreed and then told me that want happens naturally is not the best…

**Random for the parents: Isn’t funny how times have changed. There are so many things we frown upon that were common place when we were kids. Of course our parent’s did not know any better… but it makes we wonder what secret knowledge we have. Why, while we turned out just fine, do we abandon traditions…  I am not speaking of peroxide, but freedoms and empowerment… for that matter spanking (sorry for the can of worms). Are we parenting better or are we just becoming friends to those that need a mom and a dad. 

The power of Ezekile 47 begins in chapter 43, where God comes from the EAST to inhabit the temple. Then in our chapter the purifying water explodes from the temple to flow EAST. In the same way our call began with Christ entering our world and stepping boldly to the cross, where we are purified to head back into the world – on the same path he walked!

BLIS blind spots

Ford has a new option called BLIS, which stands for something about eliminating blind spots. As you can see from the picture, the system detects cars in the blind spot and does it for the low, low price of 1500 dollars! Of course any of us who take the time to adjust our mirrors properly can solve the problem… but that is the nature of the world. There is a simple fix and instead we want to invent something. To discover something that will give us control. With our strength, our wisdom, our passion we seek to fix the world, but in the end we only help the few who can afford it…

Yet there is a simple fix. A fix that begins at the cross, in submission to Christ. A fix that will have us follow his example. An illogical path of cheek turning, while prophetically call out the powerful… On this path, flowing with the river, the world at odds would find bliss. Will find salvation.

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