psycho donuts A couple of thoughts from the week. First, as you know Brett Farve is coming back… the comic captures it all. Second, protestors gathered outside the Psycho Donut shop in California. They were not there to rail against obesity, but to defend mental health. As one protestor said, “We’ve got a crisis with kids in this state and country, and that’s with mental health.” Some of the names of the donuts were changed, like Bi-polar became Moodswing…

To both these stories I am not sure how to react, except to just step back and say there is something wrong! We seek what will never return. And in that chaos we try to make changes in the wrong place. Or we make fun of anyone who does not join in our overindulgence…

May God shine light into our dark reality.

“even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you.” Ps 139:12

(Click on the donut pick to go to Psycho Donut’s website)

Random: We are still voting on the epic breakfast struggle between donuts and bagels. Check it out on the right and enter your vote!

Further into Left Field: It seems I can not spell ol’ Brett’s last name (it is Favre, not Farve) and this may provide insight into his return… as Joe writes, “people put the R in front of the V. Like he was a recretional vehicle.” Hence he had to return, to train the child of the world and enable them to spell his great name.

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