Plunge Recap: Stagnant

Three Random Thoughts…

On Mission World Bank

Ivy has a fascination with money, especially coins. She loves to collect quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies. Unfortunately she does not have a piggy bank, so all her little piles are slowly misplaced…

On Mission Gutter

 When we first moved into the house the gutters were overflowing with debris. I got up on a ladder and began the slow, messy job of cleaning out the pine straw (which had gone from dry golden brown to sloppy wet black), but as I reached the end of the line I wondered where was the downspout hole. I looked back across the white gutter and then looked at the downspout, only to realize they had never cut a hole in the gutter…

On Mission Battery

With the arrival of Phoebe we went up into the attic and retrieved all of Ivy’s baby stuff. When we got to the mobile it did not work. So I pulled open the back to insert new batteries and discovered the old batteries had exploded in acid death. I cleaned everything up and tossed the old batteries, but even with new AA’s the mobile was ruined… 

Ezekiel 47:1-12

Now three points… We often discover the truth of God, the grace of God, but we do not store them up and soon they are lost. While we do rediscover them, we are not building and storing. So that we are left as perpetual Christian children (Ezekiel 43, God fills up the temple)… As we do fill up with the message of God it must flow out into our lives. The message of grace and truth must become action that impacts those around us (Ezekiel 47, the temple burst forth into a great river)… But if we hold the message inside, it grows stagnate. Rather than purifying, it creates the opposite effect and begins to contaminate. (“But the swamps and marshes will not become fresh, they will be left for salt.” Ezekiel 47:11 ~ Swamps and marshes represent stagnant water, that does not flow as part of the river.)

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