Sunday Morning…

lights out

On Sunday morning, as Mike Toomey lead the band in song the power went. At first I assumed it was just a breaker, poor contemporary service is having issues. But soon we realized the whole campus was without power, the sanctuary lite only by the stain glassed widows. Of course in the gym, it dark save the small emergency lights. We opened the two side doors, which helped, but it was still dark… So Mike a few more songs, ones we all knew, just acustic guitar playing and then I came up to preach.

It is was strange. Brian was going to film me and so I was wearing not one, but two microphones. I also had two video clips, which Brian worked for nearly an hour so they worked simlessly… of course none of that mattered.

As I concluded the lights came back on… adding even more sybolism…

But I want to know your thoughts on the service or what happened in traditional. I personally thought it was kind of cool – at least in terms of worship, with really only our voices and our minds not always sure of the words to say, but singing out…

So leave a comment and let me know what you thought! (Also, there is a poll on the right, so you can vote your feelings!)

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