“That’s True”

Ivy and Clover Ivy says this phrase all the time. She will say something about needing more dessert and then follow it up with “that’s true”. The first time I heard her say it I just laughed and told she probably did not need anymore ice cream. But she used it so often, I asked Meg where Ivy heard the phrase. To which Meg gave me one of her “are you insane” looks and said, “YOU say it all the time”! And all I could say was “are you sure”… Of course Meg was right, because now that I am paying attention I find myself saying, “that’s true” to all kinds of things. I make a big point and then conclude with “that’s true”. When I agree with someone, I declare, “that’s true”…Phoebe

   Truth in our lives is not what we think is reality, but what we live in reality. Sometimes the actions we do not even consider or we unconsciously do out of habit become the acts that define us. We may think God is true and the story of Jesus is true, but our thoughts are of little importance. The proof is in our actions. What we do everyday of the week… well, “that’s true”…

(I included a pic of Phoebe, well, just because…)


Inigo redo

 Just as a random bit…. I am preaching in the contemporary service this week. I would love for you to join me!…

donutEven more random… The 7th grade girls won last month’s bible competition and I am pretty sure they are going to choose bagels over donuts. But it is not just that they won, but the fact that they were 100% the whole month – pretty amazing! And something for the 59% 8th grade guys to shot for as we start over in September…

Now out in Left Field… Sorry I did not get my Plunge Recap posted. I will try to get it up soon, but this week has been crazy. I have started working to help add creativity to the contemporary service and help update the website on Thursdays. Which is good, but made life a little busier…

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