“Double Trump” (Peyton Manning, DSRL)

double trump

We talked about the medical term “Failure to Thrive” on Wednesday, but I never answered what it means to “thrive”? (The medical term refers to weight gain, but we focused on general life.).

We also played a game based on the clever DSRL (Double Stuff Racing League) commercials, which have risen to new levels by adding Donald Trump (Click here to see the fun!)

But I have to ask, how does someone become like Donald? He is everywhere, from his reality show to a Macy’s commercial I saw last night. And this is not him selling out, but being exactly who he is—someone who will do anything for money and fame.

If we were honest, the life of Donald—maybe with better hair—is often our definition of “thrive”. Lots of money, lots of fame, lots of ladies (or guys, if you are a lady), is the life we desire. It is our “Golden Era”, a life where the golden rule has little to do with thriving… Instead, it is life with a little more me!

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