“True Blue”… because I said so…

Me and Phoebe - Go Royals!

Indoctrination…  Andy’s birthday was this past week—I know it slipped up on me too. So, after hearing others wish him happy birthday, I took the girls out to find a gift (Gifts make being late ok. For that matter I will take late gifts today and my birthday was 7months ago, or would it be an early gift? Either way I do not mind… just so you know!).

Since Andy is a huge Georgia fan, I went searching for a cool Bulldog something or another. I found great desk lamp, but for 130 dollars… well Andy and I are not that close! So I settled for a miniature replica football helmet (The box claimed the helmet was an “officially licensed authentic replica”… which makes one wonder, what is an unofficial, unauthentic replica???). I told him in the card that the little helmet was a perfect gift for a soon to be dad. It would serve two purposes, first it is the perfect size to protect little Nadia (what with all the baby dropping… actually I did let Ivy roll off the bed once—a little helmet would have been nice then and for that matter a big helmet… to protect me from Megan—once again, gifts are never too late).

But the helmet has an even greater purpose. Little Nadia will learn that one team, one college, above all others will guard and protect her. With this authentic replica on her head Nadia will become a bulldog fan for life.

How can I be sure? Well there is one laughing little baby and one “big” girl who will confirm the Royals are the best team in baseball (Of course they maybe indoctrinated by my wife’s reasoning… “They have the best colors.”).

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