Plunge Recap: Magic Beans ~ Growing into Leaders

Bean Stalk

Mark 4:26-34

When my brother was in high school he did an experiment with seeds. Testing water, coke, and coffee to help the seeds grow. Of course we know water works and we can correctly guess the coke just produced a toxic sludge of mud gel. But the seeds with the coffee sprung up the fastest. Which got my high school brother excited—he had just discovered a better way to grow gardens… until the second week when the coffee feed plants stopped growing and soon were surpassed by the water based plants… There is no quick way to step into Christian leadership.

But little by little, day by day, resting in the presence of Christ, He will cultivate your life. Just as the farmer plants and waters and waits – then suddenly finds plants growing. So we if daily walk in the presence of Christ will find our lives changed. More, in relationship with Him we will find that He has raised up as leaders. One who pave the way into the Kingdom of God!**

As a mustard seed we may feel insignificant at the start, but we will grow to become a support for the world around us. Not in a flashy way – to gain popularity – but we will become humble leaders. Just a mustard seed does not grow to be a redwood, but instead it grows into a large bush (10 by 6 ft). So it is with leaders of the Kingdom. They are strong enough to support, but are often overlooked – often disregarded. But all the while the bear the burden of God’s work in this world!

** This is essence of the gospel. We are no longer under law. We do not need to focus on “Thou Shall Not” statements, instead we need to concern ourselves with relationship! And as we pursue God through scripture and prayer we will find a grace that changes us from the inside out. Walking with Him we will find ourselves living a life that not only obeys the commandments, but loves our neighbor – all of our neighbors! This is the GOOD news.

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