Sermon Preview ~ Finding God

Anybody our thereAT&T has a sweet new commercial, with all the right elements to leave your wife crying. It opens with a cute little girl posting lost dog signs. In the background a young guy sees her and begins texting the world with his new I-Phone. Of course the final scene has the sad girl turning the corner to find the young man on the porch with her dog. She shouts “Sarah” and the dog runs… and then the tears begin… (Check out the video below.)

The famous Nietzsche quote, “God is dead” is actually a short story. And when the crazy man announces “God is dead” he turns his finger to the crowd and states, “You have killed him.”

God can feel awfully distant. Even nonexistent. As a Christian I can struggle with doubt and I want God to open the heavens. But I am also searching for someone—for a church—to live radically. If God is real, why doesn’t anyone’s life declare His existence. Shouldn’t someone actually do the things we read about… It is hard to doubt when someone’s life brings God to our doorstep.

And the world longs for that life —  a life that would have us all crying for joy.

  • How does your own life reveal God to those you encounter?

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