Perfect Museums…


As you know my little brother is in Mexico as a missionary. This past week he took some time off and went on his first real vacation (normally he just travels home to see the folks). He and a friend went to south Mexico and while there toured the many of the Mayan ruins. What was amazing is that most of the locations required hiking through the jungle and then you came out of the trees to find huge stone buildings. Jacob said there was often no one around. He and his friend could hike all over the buildings and check out every corner. (Click here to visit Jacob’s blog.)

This startled me. I mean anyone could walk off with stones or artifacts (Jacob said most are in museums, but some walls were painted). Or for that matter, the sites could be vandalized. Certainly this would not happen in the US. There would be guards and fences…

But isn’t it troubling that my first thoughts are not about how cool it is that Jacob is able to travel all over this sites. Instead I am worried about vandals…

  • In a perfect world, how would museums look? Would there even be museums? Or would there only be historical sites to visit?

My Brother

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