Plunge Recap: =’s Leadership

plunge 10.14

Mark 9:14-29

I have taken on a new responsibility here at the church and it requires that I work on Thursdays. This has left me crazy busy and with the youth group often filling my Saturdays I often do not have a day off from the church. In these times of chaos it is easy to let things drop…

plunge 10.14 error2

One project I have started this week on the web is recreating the front page. I have replaced text based link with graphic links and I hope made things more user friendly. One project was to create a link for the interpreter that constantly updates itself (alway linking to the current newsletter). I was very proud when I finally got the code to work (the left pic above), but within the hour the link was now a vide (the right pic above)…

Over the next two hours I stared at the code below. In the highlighted area I found my error (this time the left is wrong and the right is correct).

plunge 10.14 error1

Leaving out a simple “=” sign ruined my link. In the same way when we leave out 5, 10, 15 minutes of prayer in the morning we ruin our ability to lead. We are no longer conected to the One who guides us and we are no longer enable by Him.

“This kind can only come out by prayer.” Mark 9:29

As I have said for weeks, we need a leader to step forward. But that leadership will begin not with talents or looks, but with moments of prayer every morning. In those quite moments God will create a miracle and raise you up to lead other into the Kingdom…

In the same way, please be in prayer for me. It is ridiculous that I would go a morning without prayer, but often my days can get filled up with silly tasks. And my leadership will not take us anywhere unless I am connected to our Father. In Him, we will become a link to the Kingdom of God. In Him will take others there!

One thought on “Plunge Recap: =’s Leadership

  1. Sean, I meant to say something to you the other day about the website. It is looking great and I’m so proud of you for stepping up to the plate and doing this. As always, you are and bright and shining star and I hope that everyone appreciates you as much as I do!


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