Lost among the Crowd


Stepping out of the hospital after   Ivy’s arrival I walked in the new dad daze—a mixture of tiredness, total panic, and incomparable joy (Andy can now relate!). As I went I watched people coming and going, realizing they had no clue about my experience. They were not concerned that my life was radically shifting… but as these thoughts crossed my mind I was standing in the foyer of the hospital. Quickly I realized so many people walking back and forth must also be experiencing life altering events—some experiences much more extreme than my own and some that bore no joy. Yet, I had never thought about them before this moment—just as they had never thought about me.

We are all looking for direction in this world. And often we a literally alone as we seek peace and hope. As you go into this week how can your be a guide, who connects with others, who leads out of the woods and into joyful Christian community!

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