As I think about deacons I have pondered the passages of servant leaders in the gospels. You probably know the word deacon means servant in the Greek language (the language of the New Testament). Over time the word became a title of leadership in church—I suppose to remind that leaders in the church are servants (I am sure  this duel meaning quickly broke down, so that now we must now have two words, deacon and servant. Unfortunately when power is involved, service is often tossed our the window.)…

The passage in Mark declaring leader are to be servants ends with Jesus picking a child and stating, “Whoever receives one child like this in My name receives me”. I suppose I should know Bible—minister and all—but I was surprised to find this line at the end of Jesus’ discussion of servant leadership. Jesus often commanded us to love our neighbor and in so doing we love Him: feed the poor and you feed Him; heal the sick and you heal Him; defend the widow and fatherless…

When we choose leaders we often first look at talents and abilities—maybe their job position. We do not walk through the preschool building looking for leadership or head down to benevolence to find leaders. Sure there are leaders there, you will say, but not all of them—there are other things to consider…

But is there? … Is there anything beyond finding the ones who are with Jesus? …


can warsThis begins the last week for Can Wars – everything is due November 8th. So please bring in your items for benevolence… As we consider the passage above, it is both wonderful to consider that we are able to feed our savior (and haunting, if we do not act).



christmas fundraiserThe Christmas greenery fundraiser is also due next week (Nov 8th). So please remember to bring in your forms. The pick-up or delivery of the greenery will be December 6th (Boar’s Head Sunday).

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