Kiwi Balloons

blog 11.08.09

blog 11.08.09 balloon

Before you forget the balloon boy saga—where parents staged there son floating away on a homemade helium balloon only to have him found hiding in the attic (see balloon image on the right, not the kiwi, silly). I just read another bizarre story this morning about parents who sent authorities searching for their infant. Only to find the girl in a cardboard box stuffed underneath the bed… seriously what are these people thinking. Certainly they are not sane, but is ten minutes of pitiful fame—when you are not revered buy reviled—is that moment of fame worth it?…

What is inside us that would drive someone to such lengths for attention?

Closer to reality I was in Cold Stone buying coffee lovers, with pecans rather than almonds, and in front of me was a college age couple. The girl was pretty and all done up for their mini-date. But the guy was not impressive. He was unshaven—not in a rugged way, but in a “did you lose your razor last week.”  Plus, I am not 100% sure he had showered and all he did was talk about himself… yet the girl fawned over him! (Which is so common. I mean, I glad Meg did not demand more, but ladies, you should! At least demand he brings his bible… I mean look at the numbers!)

What IS inside of us? What causes this need for attention?



Just a reminder, this Sunday is the Final Day for the Can War Competition… The eighth grade guys have the lead, startling!, but no one is out of the competition – if the class will work together!

Can Wars Final Day Chart

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