Neither left nor right…

sermon preview

It seems like politics are everywhere and the shouting demands we take a side… Of course not everything is political (like the Augusta Chronicle sport page photo) and while there is a right and wrong, a good and evil, politics do not define the lines!

Amidst the talking heads on television (So often pretty blond women or chiseled dark haired men, it is like they have been poured out of news anchor bottles—which I am sure carries the warning, “may cause headaches”!), amidst them, we KNOW there is a better way. And we are right. But the way does not follow politics or policies. Nor does the path involve shouts for attention. There are no catch phrases or…

Instead the path is a way of silent service. A road that moves us closer to God, which means that we move closer to the cross. The place where we sacrifice our own rights in service to others—Something politics can never understand…

DEconstructionThis builds from Greg’s sermon on DEconstruction – based on the passage where Jesus declares the temple will be destroyed: “Not one stone will be left” (Mark 13:1-8)… At time we need to deconstruct our church – our ideas, our strategy – and reconnect with Christ!


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