checkers blue

During our amazing human checker battle at Plunge there was some disagreement about rules—of course as the rule maker I totally disregarded those arguments… I am like a silly game dictator, all I need is a scary laugh—like Andy’s! My games, his laugh, we could rule the world, ha! Actually, a lot of people think my laugh is also strange, but once again I disregard their thoughts, because I know my chuckle is actually very joyous…

Back to checkers, I decided to look up rules for checkers. So I Google’d and found there are many variations. Some, as Robert said, allow a non-king piece to move backward during a multiple piece jump. Though some sided with me and said non-kings must always move forward—and I am sure these were the more reliable sites…

This concept—only the king moves backward—is a great illustration. Give us a little power and so often we abuse it. We allow it to go to our head and begin to think of ourselves as something special. Just as David was brilliant, the giant slayer, until he became King. Then he moved backward and there he found Bathsheba…

Of course it is not just kings, but the popular, the older students, the athletes, the brains, the rich, the… anytime we allow ourselves to believe in ourselves, we start to slide backward… (even ministers)

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