Backwards Snuggie

“Blankets are OK but they can slip and slide, plus your hands are trapped inside.” ~

A favorite moment from our New Year’s lock-in was when Rob Thompson and I discussed the world renown Snuggie. His family—as all good American families—has multiple of these amazing blankets (unfortunately, Meg and I have zero… which I know leaves you wondering how we can properly raise Ivy and Phoebe—please don’t let DFCS know…). Rob mentioned how much he disliked the Snuggie, because they are so big, as though built to encourage obesity. Yet, he said, his mom and sister love their Snuggies. Only they don’t use them as blanket, instead, they put them on backwards and walk around the house—which was a great visual of people wandering aimlessly in their backward Snuggies…  that is until I realized putting Suggies on backwards makes them just like a bathrobe. Which caused me to wonder, could we all have Snuggies just by reversing our bathrobes? If so, this makes the Snuggie inventor a genius—to sell the world something we already have… only we don’t know we have it!

[Forgive me Rob, and Becca, if I butchered the details. This is how I remembered, but honestly my memory socializes with my imagination far too often… especially in the middle of the night!]

It is funny how much junk we own. While Meg and I do not have Snuggies our attic is full of stuff we do not really need. Still, all these little purchases do not seem to matter much and they make for good conversation at 4 in the morning. But then the images from Haiti flash across the screen and we are convicted. Not just because a nation is intensely suffering, but that they have been suffering for years… while I have bought coffee cups and magic eight balls and dessert (which will only increase my chances of fitting into a Snuggie)… So while I bought aimlessly, Haiti suffered.

Here is an easy way to help, click on the link below!

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