Plunge Recap: The Kingdom

This Christmas was the first time Ivy really understood the significance of the moment. Of course she still does not understand the calendar, so everyday she was asking if today was the day – had Santa come? … In some ways the church can fall into this same rut, waiting for Christ to come. Of course we are waiting, but Christmas has already occurred. We have the gifts to begin life with God – to begin life in the Kingdom!

Scripture: Matthew 12:24-30

I have often heard people refer to an increase in evil as one of the signs that Christ will return soon. But in this passage the wheat and the weeds grow together. So while the weeds grow larger and stronger, so is the wheat. As evil increases, so does the Kingdom of God!

Our decision, our walk down an aisle and a prayer, is only the beginning. The first step in a lifetime of walking the path of Christ! In this way we will bring the Kingdom of God into this world – a literal glimpse into heaven in our lives. Not to say we will be perfect, but we will be ever growing stronger and in this the world will know!

Unfortunately many stop after the first step. Their Christian life a stumbling drag… a life that allows the world to know something other than the truth.

My little brother, Jacob, is on mission in Croc, Mexico. He has a little house with some of the staff and a small backyard. Of course the grass grows in his yard, but he did not have a way to cut it. He looked into getting a lawn mower, but found out that a sheep was cheaper. So he and his roommates bought a little brown sheep and left her in the backyard. In no time the grass was perfectly trimmed, unfortunately the not so little sheep was still hungry. So a few times a week Jake will take the sheep to another house and allow her to “mow” that yard.

But the sheep does not want to follow Jacob – I suppose Jake is not a trained shepherd! But the sheep will drag behind and chase every spare scrap of grass. Jake has even resorted to using a leash to pull the sheep along. Of course when they get to the overgrown yard the hungry sheep is thrilled…

In many ways we are like the little sheep. Rather than follow willingly, we drag our feet behind the Good Shepherd. He is leading us to green pastures… but wish we were back in the our old yard without anything to eat.

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