Storm the Court

“No mathematician today can embrace the whole of his subject as did the great Gauss a little more than a century ago.” ~ Irrational Man by William Barrett

Let me begin by writing that I had no clue who “the great Gauss” was until Wikipedia enlightened. And this in part goes to prove my point. There is currently so much knowledge available that no person can contain it all. Even in our own select field the information age has dosed us with so many facts no person can grasp the whole. It has come to the point that a brilliant mathematician would not even be able to speak to the entire subject of math—much less any other subject. Therefore we grow more and more specialized—there is longer simply lawyer, but divorce lawyers to immigration lawyers.**

To jump into left field. The Gamecocks beat No. 1 Kentucky this past week in basketball. It was a huge victory for USC and the fans rushed onto the court to celebrate. The image in the paper showed the jubilate crowd, all the while the scoreboard declared, “Please Stay Off the Court”.

In our specialized world, we often regulate outsiders off the court and into the crowd. What could they have to say to us—they do not have our knowledge? Secular society does this when the church offers criticism. As if God has no place in the public square (which He created).

But we in the church often do the same thing when secular society calls us out. As I watched the movie To Save A Life I could not help but think of the similarities between our youth groups. So often we become the image of secular complaint—acting as judgmental hypocrites, rather than forgiven sinners!

In this act we announce to the rest of the world that they have no place here, “Please Stay Off The Court”!

**We specialize even in the church, where we no longer have an all encompassing pastor. Instead we have  children, youth, music, and mission pastors—so that Greg can focus on the young and medium Adults, while Rodger keeps us organized (only the miraculous Keith can tame all the ages).

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