Plunge Recap ~ Who Are We?

So begins Lindsay Lohan’s lawsuit, because obviously the baby Lindsay must have been modeled after her (click for details)! Especially with the added tag of “milkaholic” – who could miss the Lohan reference. Understandably the adult Lindsay was upset and, with reason in tact, she has filed a 100 million dollar lawsuit…

First, I know Lindsay Lohan was in the parent trap remake, but seriously, has she made 100 million in her whole career?! But, second, Lindsay is a common name – Meg’s little sister is named Lindsay and she has not filed suit. So, beyond the name, what made Lohan think the baby was modeled on her life. Well, the little baby was the “other girl” and she was labeled a “milkaholic”… is that how Lindsay Lohan pictures herself, as a cheating substance abuser?

Admittedly this may be real picture of Lindsay Lohan, but it is surprising that she would accept this picture. I always assumed Hollywood types lived in this deluded reality where they were still saints. Yet, if Lohan knows who she is why does she stay in the filth? … And this brings us to one of Paul’s most powerful passages:

Romans 7:21-8:2

“Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (8:1)

The gospel balances between the tension of grace and truth (“The law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” John 1:17). I suppose everyone falters to one side or the other. And I admit my tendency is toward truth – to call us out and point us toward the new reality, the Kingdom of God. Which is true, we have not arrived and Christ is calling us to ever more holiness. But left alone we are unable to move forward and join the plight of Paul, “For what I do is not the good I want to do; no, the evil I do not want to do – this I keep doing” (Romans 7:18).

But it is in this mire that gospel becomes the GOOD news. For as Paul laments and accepts the reality something else rises forward. Grace appears, and Paul declares that there is no condemnation…

How can this be? As humanity we are bound to sin, incapable of rising up. Yet, into this Christ has plunged and good has overcome evil. When we choose Christ he covers us anew – we join together in holiness. And this is not a one time covering; it did not happen only once when you first choose Christ. Instead it is a daily – every moment – rejuvenation. Everyday we move with Christ He remakes us. Recovering us. So that in grace we are no longer only ourselves – but Christ in us!

In the church we often condemn ourselves. While we openly accept anyone first coming to Christ (at least we know we should), after than moment we revert to the old law. As though grace has ended with our acceptance and we now need to get our act together. Of course our actions are not in order, so we put on masks for worship or bible study – we do not want anyone to know our struggles…

I hear this in the students who lament their walk with Christ – speaking in such negative tones. I need to do this or I should change that or I… But just as the first moment was not about “I”, neither is any other moment. It is all about Christ. And every moment we have but one choice. Will we walk with him? In this walk he covers us with his grace, so that we not condemned. And as we walk the Spirit bubbles from the inside, so that in relationship we become the person we always wanted.

How? The grace of Christ brings in the truth of Christ.

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