Underneath the house the work looked good. A load bearing wall had created havoc on our floors, forming an ever increasing crack. In my dreams the crack would open up to pull us all into the abyss. So after the night terrors we paid a company to set piers to support the wall. When they were done everything looked great from the crawl space. Of course they could not fix the floors, so we invited in a floor company and they revealed the picture I took below. You can see the load bearing wall and that the new support was not lined up either under the wall, nor did it run the length of the wall. From this new perspective, a good job became… well, a waste!

Our upcoming tour’s logo is another example: Both pictures below were taken from the same angle, but when the focus changes the picture changes. In the same way, our perspective on life changes everything. We all have different skills and talents, but we use our gifts for different results. This difference often comes down to focus. Some focus on OUR gifts—others focuses on our GIFTS. This change of perspective may seem minor, but is the difference between what will support and what comes crashing down!

The week of tour we will step into the life of an original super hero. A man who could tear apart a lion and carry away the gates that protected a city… Yet Samson had an Achilles heel, not just his hair, but a whole life that had lost perspective on true strength… So get ready—we leave a week from tomorrow!

Every night on tour I will lead a devotion. I have prepared individual bible studies to go along for the students. I will post these studies online during tour. I invite those at home to follow along. I will also post pictures of the days events beginning the Monday of tour.

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