Our Strength ~ Destiny (Tour)

We take off on the choir mission tour tomorrow morning. Over the trip we have daily lessons and I have prepared devotions to go alone for the students. Below you will find the first devotion and an outline to the flow of the devotions. I hope you join us we step into the life of an original super hero. A man who could tear apart a lion and carry away the gates that protected a city… Yet Samson had an Achilles heel, not just his hair, but a whole life that had lost perspective on true strength…


The study divides the life of Samson into five parts. Dwight bobble head*, will organize each thought with a quote from Samson’s encounter with Delilah. These five quotes connect to a period in Samson’s life, so that we cover his entire biblical life over the study (do not stress, it is only four chapters!). [Why Dwight?, well, Samson is bit of a goof and as Dwight says, “I am faster than eighty percent of all snakes.”]

Then I provide a story and a detail on the scripture. Next, there is passage from Judges to read, which is the important part—So take time to read the passage! It is more valuable than anything I might write!

Finally, Jesus Bobble Head*, will give you a few questions to ponder and answer. [Why Jesus?, from Sunday School you should know Jesus is always the answer, but here is a response to Dwight’s quote, “Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so the son of man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life.” ~ John 3:14-5]

*Part of the reason I used the two bobble heads is the picture that I used for the books art. You can see it in the blog from last week. From one angle only the army man in clear, but when the focus changes there is Dwight and Jesus bobble heads… my poor George Brett bobble was left out of the picture…


If anyone ties me with seven fresh thongs that have not been dried, I’ll become as weak as any other man. ~ Judges 16:7

Judges 13

Take time to read Judges 13, the birth of Samson. Pay attention to his mom and what she does to prepare for the birth of her son!

Dwight Connection: Samson’s lie in 16:7 centers on the perfect number of seven. Which points back to Samson’s seemingly perfect beginning!

Staring angrily at Phoebe’s half finished 1st birthday present—a Cozy Coupe—brought flashbacks to my childhood. My dad could fly off the handle about two things: when I talked back to mom (and I deserved the whipping) or when we worked on the car (and I am not sure the car ever recovered from the abuse). So when pieces refused to fit, I found myself  trying to rant the plastic Flintstone style car together… a cozy moment.

When Phoebe sits in her chair food drops into her seat. So it was no surprise to find that a drool melted Cheez-it had left an orange square mark! In the same way we are stained by our parents—for good and for bad. ~ Samson’s beginning seemed perfect. His birth was announced by an angel. His destiny to become a Nazarite. And before Samson arrived his mom took on part of a Nazarite vow (abstain from alcohol) to prepare the way for his birth…

Who? What? Nazarite.

The vow of the Nazarite is outlined in Numbers chapter 6. It was available to anyone—male or female—who chose to consecrate themselves to the Lord for a certain time.

The Nazarite Vow had three requirement: 1) abstain from alcohol; 2) do not come in contact with a dead person; 3) do not cut your hair. When the vow was over “the Nazarite must shave off the hair that symbolizes their dedication” (6:18).

For Samson it seems his hair was the central symbol of his vow to God. As you read the story he kills others and attends wedding parties without mention of avoiding alcohol (and alcohol may help explain some of Samson’s later actions…). Still, letting his hair grow from birth must have created a crazy, split end mess!


1. How did your parents prepare for you? – How have they raised you to live your life?
2. Why would God call Samson to live as a Nazarite? – What is the value of these acts to God?
3. DEEP: With such a birth how could Samson go wrong?

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