Camp Sealed Orders ~ Accepting

Click the picture above to read the Bible passage: Luke 9:28-36.

He loves me…
He loves me not…

As Ivy gets older she dives deeper into the Disney romance stories, but the Disnification of Love takes us to a strange place. All of the romances draw beautiful people together and with a dance or sometimes just a glance they are in love… Sleeping Beauty dances “once upon a dream”—Cinderella’s dance does not even reveal her name—Arial loses her voice—And does Snow White even meet the prince before he kisses her awake? … Here is the deal. The Prince marries Cinderella and they ride off into the sunset, blah, blah… Until the next morning when he hears her talking.

“Who are you talking to dear?”
“Oh, just Gus.”
“Who is Gus dear” (thinking he must be on of the servants)
“Why he is right here, let me introduce you” …

And after a few squeaks the Prince realizes his new beautiful bride talks to mice. Which makes him wonder how she will feel about mouse traps, but more he has to wonder how he married a crazy woman, “Lets just call the whole thing off”…

In this way the crowds fell in love with Jesus. After he pulled bread out of thin air and feed the 5000, well, they wanted to make him king. But then Jesus told them what his ministry was all about. And at these words, the wedding bells went quiet and everyone started to walk away…

Except Peter, and the disciples. In Jesus they saw something they wanted. It wasn’t power or fame, but a life that led to eternal life…


2Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, 3now that you have tasted that the Lord is good. ~ 1Peter 2:2-3

Our taste buds wear out over time; hence, as children we hate so many more foods—but no matter how we age everyone loves dessert! Yet Jesus is not like dessert. Instead he is an acquired taste—like broccoli. Something that requires maturity. While we think we want dessert all day, that would only make us blobs who must consume. Instead those who feed on Jesus are fit and ready to pour themselves out to others…


1. Why is Jesus not like dessert?
2. Why did the people stop following Jesus? (Hint: It has to do with 6:15, when they tried to make him king.)
3. What are some misconceptions people TODAY have about God?
4. Why do you what to follow Jesus?

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