In Wonderland… (Plus Pictures)

“Never once in my life did I ask for success or wisdom or power or fame. I asked for wonder and he gave it to me.” ~ Abraham Heschel (quoted in Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning)

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Into Wonderland… The middle school boys bible study has picked up images from Alice in Wonderland tied into the Pentecost moment of Acts 2 (when the Spirit arrives). We started with the classic story (I even read from the book) as Alice chases the “late” rabbit and dives down the hole after him… And here we arrive at my point. The earlier church left people “amazed and perplexed” (2:12), but how does church, the whole church, leave people – can there be any other word than bored?… As our camp theme declares there’s gotta be more!

And Peter quickly outlines the more with a quote from Joel, where in the last days (which have begun with Christ’s departure) everyone will have dreams and visions and prophecies. From the lowest servant to the oldest grandpa, everyone will hear God speak! Even middle school boys!

But for many, we are content to let others listen. To hope someone else will bring the message. We know the truth, but we do not dive into relationship. Like Alice, we have followed the rabbit, but, well, the hole is pretty deep and it may not be safe… So we declare Christ our Lord and stop – unwilling to follow where He leads…

And so the church loses its only power – the power to know the will of God – to hear His message for all the world.  The power to walk with God and to participate in His mission! … and this leaves us… bored.

Please continue to pray for this week. Pray that the students will listen and wait for God. He has not stopped speaking (the only ones who believe that are not listening!). Call on God to speak this week, because at His Word we are transformed!

And I also encourage you to take the step off the ledge and plunge into the depths of Christ. To not be content until you are in Wonderland – alive to the awe inspiring grace of Christ!

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