Plunge Recap – Beyond McNuggets…

Welcome to our first Plunge of the new year. Every week I will try to post a quick recap of our lesson for the evening. This lesson builds off the previous article – the idea of God entering into our story…

If we were to tell the story of our life, what would it say? … Much of our lives are pretty pointless – a fight for McNuggets rather than a fight for Christ! And for most of us, if we told the story of relationship with Jesus it would have some highlights, but overall it would be short and boring.

Ezekiel 43:1-6

Plunge is based on Ezekiel 47 – the river flowing out into all the world – but the passage takes root in chapter 43. Which is anything but boring. God arrives and when he comes it is not like Santa’s yearly visit. Instead it is fearful, terrible. Just like when He entered the city to bring destruction (which he did, destroying Israel, casting them into slavery).

In the same Christ enters into our lives. Yes, he has come to save us, but he has not come to bring presents. He has not come to fulfill our every whim. Instead he has come to rule. He is our King. And he is dangerous. Following him is dangerous. It will cost us many things. Maybe friends. Maybe possessions. And always we will have to submit our wills to His authority.

As we start the new year, this is our challenge: To Plunge into the relationship with Christ. We may be afraid. But God has promised to catch us and if we take the Plunge He will write a story with our lives. A story of grace and truth. Of power and mercy. Of sacrifice and joy. It will be a story will telling!

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