Turning the Tale…

As I mentioned in my contemporary service message, Ivy often asks for a story and who better to star in the tale than herself (and little Phoebe). Here is my latest installment of their adventure…

Princess Ivy and Princess Phoebe live in a grand castle, made of huge white stones. The tall towers are roofed in purple and bright pink flags flap in the wind. And in the tallest tower stands Ivy, staring at the storm clouds gathering on the horizon. A rain would be good for the community and yet these clouds looked different than any she had seen before—because these clouds were green. She and Phoebe, quickly ran down the stairs to find King Daddy and Queen Mommy. But in the Great Hall, when they told their father he was very frightened. For the King had seen these clouds once before, as a child they has rained over the whole Kingdom. But the rain from the green clouds was not water, but thick green. It would paint all the land–the beautiful shining castle would be green. There was only one hope. If someone was brave enough to ride to the great mountains, they may be able catch the tail of the storm. And with the tail they could turn the storm away from their great city…. But who would be so brave?

Ivy and Phoebe stepped forward to volunteer. Soon they were putting on their rain jackets and boots. Even their pony, Lightening, was fitted with a new rain jacket. Ivy, with her request, wore all purple. While her sister and the pony were in pink (this detail was VERY important to Ivy). With cheers the two girls rode off to face the green storm. As they rode the clouds grew and soon the wind picked up. And then the first drop of rain landed on Ivy. It was a green goo that would not come off her coat, no matter how hard Ivy wiped. Then another drop landed and another—soon both girls and Lightening were covered in green. But on they rode, pressing with all their might up the mountain. And finally they reached the peak of the mountain. Ivy jumped from the saddle and saw the storm was nearly over. Behind it was blue skies. But at the end of the storm trailed a thick green cloud—the tail of the storm. So Ivy grabbed it with both hands—green squeezing all over– but she twisted and pulled. Amazingly the storm began to slow. Phoebe jumped to help and even Lightening pulled with his teeth. With all the strength combined the storm began to turn. When they finally let go the green clouds raced away from the castle over grass fields – making the greenest grass in all the land.

Phoebe and Ivy rode back to a hero’s welcome. But before they could celebrate, they hand to take a bath. And then another one and another one… but eventually the green wore off and they joined the party to race down the inflatable slides. Knowing that they had again saved the kingdom!

Turning the Tale

This past week I was in the backyard grilling and the girls came out to play. My focus was on keeping Phoebe away from the grill, so I did not notice Ivy get out the bubbles. But I did realize when she started to pour out the bubbles into our garden pail. I got onto her and sent her inside, but afterward I wondered what to do with a dirty bucket of bubbles? Then I looked at our small pond fountain and remember pranks of old. So I dumped the bubbles into the ponds. It bubbled a little bit that evening, but by the next morning a three foot bubble extravaganza was rising from the fountain. Ivy and Phoebe were overwhelmed – honestly, so was I!  But we went out and touched and blew the bubbles across the yard. It was fun.

I think this is how God approaches our life’s story. It is wrecked with sin and he could leave us to our punishment. But in the brilliance of grace He rewrites our stories. Our is no longer the final act, because the story a new chapter – dawn has come, new light has arrived. And what we thought would be our end has been transformed. Not that our actions are suddenly good, but that they no longer matter. All that matters is what God has done with the pieces. He has made our story into something beautiful…

Oh, happiness / There is grace enough for us / And the whole human race…
Such a thing to give away… ~ Oh Happiness, Crowder Band

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