Plunge Recap ~ Welcome to Depth

Ezekiel 47:1-12

The meandering directions around the temple are not pointless. Instead they point to a specific place in the temple, the pool of cleansing. Baptism did not originate with Jesus. Of course you will remember that John the Baptist baptized (hence his name). But part of the Jewish tradition demanded the people to be ritually clean. Unlike our signal baptism, they would cleanse every time before enter the presence of God. So the overflowing water is from the pool where the priest would cleanse himself before entering into God’s holy presence. This cleansing water is now flowing out into the land – even into the world!

And into these waters the Angel leads Ezekiel deeper and deeper. Soon the trickle has become a dangerous current. Ezekiel is no longer in control – instead the rapid water controls him!

Depth ~ Little Phoebe loves to look out the window and bark at the dogs. Of course there are not any dogs in our yard. Instead she barks at the squirrels. Of course when she finally see a big dog she is going to freak and thick she has found the squirrel-dog king… “woof”… but we are constantly learning. Ivy can count and she has some understanding of math. Of course basic math is pretty useful. 2+2=4. This is certainly good to know, but try to build a building with basic math. You may know the number of 2x4s, but you would have little idea about whether the roof would support itself. For that would need to learn new math. And of course math goes even deeper. Einstein scribbles numbers on a piece of paper until he proved time was relative to the speed you are moving…

Or think of depth another way, maybe closer to home: reading. You begin, “see Jane run” but that does not stay enjoyable. Instead novels about teenage vampire wolves are what keep you reading late into the night.

In the same way. The message of Christ does not end with baptism. It has only begun. Like 2+2=4. And going into the River, Christ will take you to depths unknown. To faith that is not common or simple. But mind-blowing… enough to warp time—so that our service may become eternal!

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