“Earth is moving around the Sun at about 67,000 miles per hour.”  ~
This speed is about 87 times the speed of sound (768mph), which should create quite a sonic boom… but I suppose the Earth moves rather quietly…

People often wonder how we can have faith in God without evidence—but our whole lives are built on faith. So much of what we believe is based on someone else’s facts, not on our own experience. Instead we believe because a teacher has told us or we read it in a book…

Take science. The earth revolves around the sun. According to the NASA website we are racing around the sun faster than any human creation could hope to travel. Not to mention that the earth is rotating over 1000mph (if you are on the equator, it changes depending on your latitude). But how many of you have tested this reality? I know I have not. I have never left the earth or studied the stars, at least not beyond “I wish I may, I wish I might…”

Honestly, we ridicule those who came before and thought the sun rotated around the earth… but if all my teachers and books told me the earth was still and the sun was racing—well it makes sense. It does not feel like the earth is racing 87 times the speed of sound. But, I put my faith in books and teachers (who honestly have put their faith in books and teachers)…

Who is to say it is not all a conspiracy? People can be deceived or confused. People lie. I know this because I have experienced it. … Let me stop. I do not think science is wrong or a big conspiracy. But, I never tested it. Instead I just believe. Without any experiences, beyond someone else’s words.

Personally I have felt the presence of God in my life. I have seen Him move and change me. It is more than just what I have read in the book or heard from teachers…

And yet, sometimes I doubt God. I know, I am a minister, who should never doubt. Who Should be a rock of belief. Normally I am, but everyone has the dark night, where your mind wanders…

I never doubt that the Earth moves around the sun. I wonder why is it so easy to have faith in the sun, but so hard to trust the son?

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