On Sunday I greeted a new couple in the back row. They were visiting at the request of the Raines, who themselves have only been at Chandler since my arrival. I let the couple know that the Raines would soon arrive and pointed them to the Raines’ typical seats…

* * *

When Meg and I moved to Waco my good friend invited us to the church we would eventually join. It had been years since we were together, so I was excited to see Brantley again. Plus, I was excited to have a close friend with me at church. Of course Brantley slept in that morning…

* * *

There is a beautiful bank on the right off 92 close to our house. I decided we would transfer our checking account, so Meg and I went to fill out all the paperwork. As we entered the inside was just as lovely as the outside. We were greeted and quickly ushered before someone to help us. Then we got to the business of opening a new account. Unfortunately we still have our Georgia driver’s licenses and without proof for our new residency the bank would not open an account. I showed her our checking account we opened in Blue Springs, but to no avail.

So we left and went next door to another bank. This bank was new, but not nearly as nice. Plus it was causal Friday and a banker in jeans seems strange. Still, when I asked about an account they were able to quickly open one for us.

(We did have to use our address in Blue Springs since we were still waiting for mail to arrive and prove we live in Kearney – thankfully, as you read last week our mailbox saga is over… almost. Yesterday we got a note from the Post Office saying Megan’s address was now our house in Kearney. Then my parent’s called to say that they had received a letter stating Megan’s address was in Blue Springs. The only positive is that both came with “welcome to the area” coupons!)

* * *

Back to the couple from the beginning: The Raines were in an accident on Sunday. Someone ran a red light (the driver confessed to looking for her cell phone) and smashed into their car – purchased only a few weeks before! Thankfully, while the cars are hurt, the people are fine. Still this left the new couple visiting alone on Sunday…

In Waco when my friend slept thru church it did not matter. We were greeted and loved by the Christian community. So, even without Brantley, we soon joined. I wonder if the same can be said for the couple who visited Chandler on Sunday?

At Chandler we have a reputation as an inviting, friendly church. A reputation I hope we prove true again and again. But each Sunday our reputation is only in the past and our actions prove our heart. So, how are you making an effort to welcome visitors to Chandler???

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