From the Bin

“All right! We have Bin Laden’s body, let’s do something funny with it Weekend at Bernie’s style!” ~ Friend’s Facebook Status.

I was in college when the towers crashed down and brought our world into a new reality. Osama Bin Laden quickly became the face of the rising darkness and the last few days have brought back all of those memories. Not that the fear and darkness ever left completely, but I had forgotten how there is also good in these moments.

That may seem strange to read, but our politics and our country have been divided since I can remember. My political memories begin at the end of the first Bush and soon we were polarized by Clinton and Bush II. There was really only one reprieve – September 11th. For a moment, in the darkness, we remembered what was good about our country – and in the night we, together, relite the flames of freedom.

Today we are again bitterly divided. Extremists make up lies about the other side. We saw this in the late years of Bush when the far left claimed lunacy and accused him of plotting the terrorist attacks. Now we again have seen it with the far right trumpeting about Obama’s birth…

…but for a moment this weekend we were all again drawn together. People danced in the streets. Everyone was draped in the American flag – right or left did not matter. It was our country.

And my prayer is that selfishness and extremism will no longer dominate. The far side of politics produce “light”  more dangerous than even that cast by Bin Laden. Not that the far right or left’s is more evil, but in their “light” we do not realize we are again plunging into darkness. In the divided darkness no one remembers to rekindle the flames of truth!

I pray this even more deeply for the church. To often we resemble the politics of our nation, rather than the politics of Jesus. And I ask that we may remember there is only one light and His final prayer was that we would all be one in Him…

* * *

A couple of random bits. First, our country of marketing gurus already have t-shirts for sale (hence the pic). Second, so you are not completely startled on Sunday, I have shaved the beard. I guess this could be a move away from anything that resembles Osama Bin Laden. But really it is just cool for the summer, warm for the winter…

A Late Addition… Sam Mellinger wrote about seeing through political extremism in the Star’s sport page this morning (click here for the article). He had a great KC Qoute:

“You Know, Kansas City seems to understand this better than most places. In fact, beyond the game, the biggest reaction from the crowd came during a between-innings game on the score board where various Royals players were asked to choose between Kansas basketball and Mizzou football.

Here we have our perspective right where it needs to be.”

This KC perspective is something I love. Being sensible is not valued throughout the nation – for that matter it is occasionally ridiculed. But I believe having the sense to see through the pomp of society is wonderful. And a reason I longed to return while I was away – a reason I celebrate coming home!

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