The Great Chocolate Drop…

In the Age of Sickness or what others call Megan’s pregnancy, I have done the grocery shopping. For many this would not be a major task, but finding items along the aisles of Hy-Vee can make me question our existence (or at least the existence of pimentos). And for added excitement I take Ivy along on the trip. She does keep me from aimlessly wandering the food maze by reminding me she is ready to go home…

Each week we go from PDO to Hy-Vee. I buy a smoothie for Ivy at the Hy-Vee coffee shop and then our trek begins. But this week, with the rains, Ivy wanted the impossible “warm smoothie”. So we got a hot chocolate. It was good, but Ivy wanted a warm drink – not a hot drink. So it sat beside her for the race through the rows (which for Ivy really is a ride because of the amazing invention of race car grocery carts!).

Today we made good progress and without the smoothie Ivy did not cry in the frozen food section (every other week she has broken down into frantic shivers, crying that it was too cold – seriously CPS is going to take her). Then as I was grabbing a gallon of milk, Ivy shouted. I turned to see the hot chocolate spilling onto the floor.

I took this in stride and found a Hy-Vee employee to clean up the mess (a teenager who was also a gentleman, Hy-Vee really isn’t a bad store). Then as we strode away I realized the drink had not only hit the floor, but spilled through the cart over our groceries.

This left us in search of a bathroom and paper towels. When we did, Ivy had to go potty. So I left the cart and went into the bathroom. When she was done, I discovered the paper towel dispenser was empty. So, with balled up toilet paper, Ivy and I went back to the cart. Then I finished the task of cleaning up our groceries…

The entire moment left me stressed (I can only imagine what other shoppers thought). As I checked out, with groceries still dotted with chocolate spots, I felt like a total goof. Then we walked outside, where the clouds were clearing and the sun was shining.

The funny thing is that I expected the hot chocolate to spill. Right when we changed from slow flowing smoothie to liquid chocolate I begin to worry. So, through every aisle I held onto the hot chocolate. Made sure it was safe. Even debated throwing it away – but what if Ivy got thirsty (or cold in the frozen section)??! Still as the trip went on I slowly forgot about it. And then at one point, after Ivy took a drink, I did not hold it still on her seat. Soon I forgot about it – that is until our shredded cheese bags were dripping.

“I lost my keys in the great unknown…” ~ “This is the Stuff”, a song by Francesca Battistelli

This is life. I cut corners. Rather than set my phone in the same place, I find myself using Meg’s phone to ring track mine (except on Sunday’s, when I turn my phone on silent, then I just have to search and pray).

With all the distractions, I can run around with blinders on – or maybe with my head covered by a Rapunzel castle from the Awana store!!! And in these moments I waste time and miss moments. Always stressed about something that does not matter.

So when I stepped out of Hy-Vee and into the sun it was a reminder. The clouds breaking after a storm are always a reminder. A moment revealing that this was not so important. Who cared if the Hy-Vee check-out lady thought I was nuts (and hopefully she and the bagger did not get too messy with my groceries!). I did not need to dwell on my junk anymore. But it was time to take off the blinders and enjoy life. My storm was not even a shower – much less a tornado!

This life is not about me.

A perspective that will help me find joy and allow me to lead others there too.

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