Whatever we have done in the past, be it good or evil,  great or small, is irrelevant to our stance before God today. It is only now that we are in the presence of God. ~ Brennan Manning

Joe Posnanski is leaving Kansas City – moving to North Carolina. As you know, at least according to my sidebar, Joe is the world’s “Best Sports Writer”. He was able to bring a depth to sport articles. Stories were no longer simple athletics, but connected with the heart. His words made my hope in the Royals not absurd, but believable. And now he is leaving…

You would think, since Joe and I are the deepest of Facebook friends, I would have known long before about the move**. I can even spell his last name – Posnanski – without looking it up (an accomplishment for someone who was the first out of every spelling bee). But it was a surprise when I opened the KC Star and saw his farewell article (click here). Now I have read his blog about watching his final Royals game before they leave (click here) and it is official: Joe is gone.

** Click here if you also want to become his facebook friend – he accepts everyone… I told you – depth! The closest I ever came to him physically was when he stayed at the house of a family in Augusta for the Masters – their youth would report all the things Joe said, but never invite me over

I am not sure why this matters? People come and go. And, as you can tell, I do not really know Joe. Our “friendship” was only me reading his blog… I suppose, with the Yankees taking our best players, I clung to the idea that they could never have our writers. In part because outspending doesn’t produce good prose, but Joe is gone. So I am sad…and yes, a little nuts, to be depressed over Joe.

This morning at Breathe someone from the group mentioned connecting with people where they are now. Which is difficult. We are all in so many different places (just look at me, broken up over a writer’s move. It is not like Joe retired or passed away. I can still read all his stuff!). Some of us are in fearful places. Others in filthy places. Others in gross sin. Others in pinstriped pride. And yet, we are called to go and make disciples.

Rereading Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning has left me thinking about my place in the world. I am a strange, goofy creation. I have an embarrassingly loud laugh. As you read above, I can grow attached to nearly anyone. To say, I am kind of an emotional mess. And this does not get to the heart of darkness that also resides in me. But, knowing all this and many things I do not know, God loves me.

Even more, He has a plan for me. A plan to rewrite my story. A plan to use me. To take the mess that I am and propel me to the unimaginable.

Because it does not matter who I am. Only that I meet Him now. And in this interaction, there is the power of grace. Not by any work other than resting in the presence of God. And in this womb, we are remade. Remade to live new life. Remade to create change.

We can get caught up in the before and after. With the things that are far away. We can feel broken and inadequate. But it is not about us. It is not about our yesterday or our tomorrow. It is only about now. This moment. Living in the One whose power makes this moment, now, different than any other time. Because He has given it life. So now we should live.

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