Dreams and Wishes

“A dream is a wish your heart makes…” ~ Cinderella

If my dreams align with my wishes – well my heart has some strange, sometimes scary desires… But one thing I have hoped for is a new Chandler website. And as type the finishing touches are being put on the introductory site (click on the pic below to see the new site).

I write introductory, because the site is still open for change. We have done everything in house. Which saves money, but also allows us to make changes. Over the coming weeks and months we will add elements and change format (for example we will post audio from Sunday morning).

I suppose this is step for us into the new world – where newspapers fail and Google searches drive advertising. And it will be helpful for bringing people to the church. BUT real outreach happens with you and me. As we meet people and connect in relationship – then we are able to invite them to church.

When visitors walk through our doors the website will no longer matter. Instead, do we greet them? Are they made to feel apart of our family? Or do feel they left out – on the outside looking into our community?

When we become a church that loves our neighbor as Christ love us, then everything else will just be icing. People will come for the cake of our fellowship.

This dream is the wish my heart makes.

4 thoughts on “Dreams and Wishes

  1. We’re going through the same thing at The Hill right now. We might have to steal some ideas from your new site!

    1. That is exciting for the Hill. I am not sure you will want to steal much from us – but you are more than welcome to grab anything! (Plus, can it be stealing? We are part of the same body… maybe communal looting…)

      Hope everything is good on you side of the country! I saw Jacob was getting college recommendations – crazy he is a senior!

  2. Well said Sean! I love asking new people I see at Gateway, “How did you get to Gateway?” I am suprised that we have had people come to Gateway after finding our website or seeing the signs on the street. Were they greeted by someone or left to themselves? Well, I know of several couples I have spotted and met. As much as we want to get to church to see our friends and church family, we need to be aware of those coming in who may be there for the first time and not know a soul.

    May God continue to bless you, your family and your ministry! David and I are going to Maywood Sunday to support Jake. Miss you! Mama Skeen

    1. Great! I am glad you will be there to support Jake! This is an exciting time for him and it always good to have support.

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