Our Country Manor…

I loaded the blue garden center flatbed up with 26 blocks. When I picked up the first, I thought that these blocks were heavier than most. But I did not worry, really it was good – I want the wall to be sturdy. Then I pushed the cart up to the front (slowly) and paid. Then slowly pushed it out to the car. I even stopped to rest, at which point it occurred to me that a worker from the store would have probably helped… but now I felt too silly to wheel back into the store. Manliness is an over rated trait… I made it to the van (already removed the back seat) and started to load and load. My wife and girls waited in the car, and she confessed later that she was worried I might die. She probably would have left my body with my blocks – an Old Testament sort of monument:

Joshua 4:21 He said to the Israelites, “In the future when your descendants ask their parents, ‘What do these stones mean?’… It means your father was a moron.

Anyhow, we got loaded and the van frame was now angled to the back, nearly bottoming out on the rear tires. I even adjusted the seat as I got in, so i would feel level. Then we drove home slowly. Where I wheel barrow’d all the bricks to backyard. Afterward I looked up how much the blocks weighed: 60 lbs. Which means I loaded over three quarters of a ton into our van (1560 lbs).

I could take this one of two ways. I could agree with Meg – I can only imagine the suspension damage. But on another level, I pushed three quarters of ton across the store and parking lot!


Pride. It is funny what brings us pride. Am I stronger for my great trek? It was too much weight to be a workout (My body is torn up – I just popped two more ibuprofen…). What would have made me stronger long term? Asking for help. Finding someone to share the burden. A smaller workout could have been beneficial and realizing I do not have to go alone… but then I would have to ask.

2 thoughts on “Our Country Manor…

  1. Some pride is not a bad thing, it is when something is overdone it becomes unhealthy.
    Pride in a job well done is good, it helps build our self esteem when we are young. My youngest brother for example was so proud when he could dress himself,by himself
    zippers, buttons, snaps, laces and all and said to one and all I do it myself! He has Down’s
    and this was a major accomplishment. You on the other hand, while also achiving a major
    feat, well done by the way, could have gone faster or possibly better who knows, but would you have felt the same satisfaction in a job well done? Are you seeking praise? A prideful person does, they live for it, I don’t think so – that doesn’t strike me as the person you are.
    Maybe next time you might ask for help getting the blocks home so you don’t ruin your van though. We can’t have Megan thinking you a moron! Keep up the good work.

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