“God says the inside is beautiful, but it has bones in it.” ~ Ivy

Salmon in a Can. With Tuna there is little recognition of the fish that once swam (or the dolphins that may also be included). But with Salmon it is as though they chopped the whole fish into sections and squeezed them into the can. My wife was repulsed the first time she opened a can. So I went to the task of picking out the back bones. I gave her the finished product and encouraged her to believe it came out of the can just like tuna. This strategy worked well until last week. Right when I was to start the procedure my phone rang and I had to run to the hospital to see a church member…

In the early days of our marriage there would have been something else for dinner. But after nearly ten years and three kids she had the backbone to handle it. I arrived home and sat down to salmon patties, rice, vegetables… to dinner with my family.

We trudge through a gross, chaotic existence. Our past full of skeletons that haunt us. Yet in relationship we find something else. A way to move past and find love. This happens in friendships and marriages as we sacrifice for one another – placing them ahead of ourselves.

Rather than a six point speech on salvation, Christ called out, “Come, follow me.” Rather than bearing tablets of rules, Christ bore the cross. Because salvation comes by relationship. And relationship through sacrifice.

This process is not clean. It is risky and forces us to open up and reveal the truth. But, even with the bones, this is beautiful.

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